This job was for Yellow Cap, a ska band from Germany. They asked me to illustrate something with a truly brazilian vibe. So once again I appealed to brazilian legends. I made my own version of Vitória Régia, a ancient indigenous story about a girl who felt in love with the moon.

The legend of Vitoria Regia is very popular in Brazil, specially in the North region. The legend says that the Moon was a god that used to date the most beautiful young natives, and every time he hides he would take some of these girls with him. In a indigenous village there was a beautiful young lady, a warrior called Naiá, that used to dream about the time that the moon would call her to his arms.
The village elders warned Naiá that when a girl was taken by the Moon, she no longer would be a human but a star in the sky. However, Naiá didn't care at all, once she was deeply in love with the Moon. That passion became a obsession at the moment Naiá didn't want to eat or drink anymore, she just want to admire the Moon.
At a certain night, the moonlight was was bright and beautiful, the lady got close to a lake, she saw the moon's reflection on the water and she believed that the god came down from the sky to bath himself in there. So, Naiá threw herself on the lake trying to catch the moon. When she realized it was an illusion, she tried to came back to the edge, but she couldn't make it. She drowned and died.
Affected by Naiá's act, the Moon god decided to transform her in a different and unique kind of star: a star of the waters - Vitória Régia. For this reason the perfumed white flowers of this plant only open at night.
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